Making Improvements to Plantation Field

While nobody sitting at home is thinking about Plantation Field yet, a lot of people behind the scenes are thinking about it and taking steps to improve the course for next year’s event. We just finished doing all the dirt work to reverse the one, two and three-star courses next year at the Plantation Field International in September, 2017.

The Ruin has a middle section that’s always been rubble and debris and we cleaned all of that up . There’s still some rock work restoration to do ,but it’s looking good. The point was to get the seed on the ground and start growing grass; you can do the rest, like rock work or building timber fences whenever, but at this point in the schedule it’s all about footing. The excellent weather at the moment is an added bonus. This is really the best time of year to do the dirt work, with a season and a half of growing season before the event, and things are right on schedule. The fall of 2017 seems like a long ways away, but it’s not that far anymore!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. We’ll have more updates after the holidays.


About Eric T. Bull

Eric is skilled at translating the language that horse people speak and turning their ideas into concrete, precise measurements and designs to achieve ideal construction. While every jump created by ETB has the same stamp of quality, our designs are unique and no two courses turn out exactly the same.
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